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July-August 2001

This is my first original locomotive MOC. It's based on the "N" class locos currently used by VicRail in Melbourne Australia. Click on the picture below to find more info. Its main features are:
  • Working lights (both ends)
  • Working 4-cylinder diesel engine
  • Head-end power (fake & real)
  • It's got SNOT!!

This is also the first model I've documented fully using MLcad. Thanks to James Jessiman for the original Ldraw, and all the contributors to this great set of tools! You'll need at least the 2001-01 parts update from

Sticklers for detail will notice my model only has 2 axle bogies - I looked at 3-axle bogies, but the loco would have ended up much too long. And besides, sticklers for detail shouldn't be modelling in LEGO anyway...

n-class1 internals engine 000-n-class
The complete model, from MLcad. Yes, I cheated with the head-end power cables - only drew them up to where they join the connectors. Showing inside the engine bay - the "generator" is attached to the SNOT side. Engine detail. I substituted transparent cylinders here to show a bit more detail. Ray-traced picture using PovRay.

I'm also looking at carriages for this loco; you can see part of one in the photo below. Anyway, here's some shots:

general nocover inside
General view of the "N" class locomotive. View from above with the engine cover removed. You can see the 4 cylinders, and the "generator". View inside the cab from above. The cab roof is easily removable, but is "tethered" to the main body by the wire for the headlight.
profile front workmen
Side view with side cover removed. You can see the engine & generator. Front view. Sorry about the focus 8?) Slightly closer view of engine, showing workmen doing some adjustment.

Here's a photo from RailPage. This is a great Aussie rail enthusiast site. Well worth a visit.

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