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Brickley Roscowicz Engineering

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August-September 2005

So you need something to get you around, planetside? Enter the Bootilicious Orgasmatron, the latest offering from Bonktron™. It is an atmospheric hover car, with room for 2 figs. Powered by by Bonktron's own UltraLifta™ anti-grav, and MegaThrusta™ propulsion technology, it is versatile enough for long rides in the country, or air-drags in the suburbs.

underbelly rear
Underbelly, showing the differential anti-grav, and ion collectors Rear view, showing the MegaThrusta engines, which are fueled by ions from the atmosphere

Built for getting around Terra Copulus, the Bonktron home planet, this little beauty is at home on any planet. Controlled by our own Bi-Directional Steering Mechanism - that combined with the ÜberSens™ terrain detection technology hidden in the nose, make the BO-1 extremely easy to ride. It can easily carry 1 or 2 figs, and requires no permit.

pass1 pass2
The BO-1 is very useful as a run-about But it is more fun with 2 riders!

And here's the gallery for more shots.


UPDATE: The BO-2 has now been released! Bigger! Better! More Bonk! See it here.