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Archive for May 16th, 2009

New version of txt2dat

May 16th, 2009 by RoscoHead

Well it’s been a while, with no bug reports! I guess that means it’s working great for everyone 🙂

So I decided to implement a new feature that someone once asked for – pair kerning. Pair kerning adjusts the space between some character pairs to make them look better, for example L & W, which generally look too wide apart if the default spacing is used.

The kerning information is stored in the font file, and txt2dat now uses it to make the text look better. Note that it only applies horizontal kerning because

  • txt2dat doesn’t support multiple lines
  • FreeType doesn’t support vertical kerning

Anyway, check it out. The first example is without kerning, the second is with it.

Oh, and you can download txt2dat here.

LW without kerning

LW without kerning

LW with kerning

LW with kerning

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