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I Don’t Remember A Thing

December 4th, 2015 by RoscoHead

Nothing alcohol related, I assure you. Just dementia.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, the Pirates also did a few covers, and here’s one of them. Another classic penned by the inimitable Paul Kelly. Ah yes, now I remember where I got the title for this post…

Some more old music

November 20th, 2015 by Administrator

This is a live recording of “Alliance”, another band I played bass with in the 80s. It’s a version of the Toto classic “Hold the Line”. I think it was probably recorded through the mixing desk, on my 4-track, probably at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, but I can’t be sure. Would have been mid-late 80s.

Unfortunately I chose to put the drums & bass on separate tracks, which meant the guitar & keys are sharing a track. But I was young and didn’t know what I was doing. Now I’m just old and don’t know what I’m doing…

Hope you like it.


June 6th, 2015 by RoscoHead

Going through some old stuff, and found some recordings of bands I used to play in, and thought itRosco‘d be cool to digitise them. They were on old 1/8″ cassette tapes (remember those?), and I just happen to have a USB cassette capture thingo, so away I went. And here’s the result. Don’t expect too much – these were recorded live, and cassettes aren’t known for their wide frequency response, or longevity. But it’s good toknow these recordings won’t be lost forever.

This one is an original song by “Pirates”, called “Tough Guys”, Written by the singer/guitarist Sam Bester. According to the label on the cassette, it was recorded on 26th January, 1990. No venue information was on the label, but I’m guessing it was probably at the “Doctor Syntax” hotel on Sandy Bay Rd, Sandy Bay.



Burning Up

February 13th, 2010 by RoscoHead

Burning Up

Burning Up

February 7th 2009. After a fairly mild summer Melbourne was in the middle of a heat wave, and that Saturday pushed the mercury past 46C in the city, the hottest day on record. It was of course a day of total fire ban, with strong unpredictable winds, and during the day there were reports of several large bushfires around Melbourne’s outer suburbs. The full toll wasn’t known to most though, until the next day. With fires still burning, people were already counting the cost. The final toll would not be known for many days.
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Back again! Again!

January 16th, 2010 by RoscoHead

Well, I’m happy to say that Brickley’s Words is back again. At least all those old links won’t be dead forever. But the instructions page is now permanently offline – hopefully that will keep traffic here to a dull roar, and keep my hosting company happy. Meanwhile, if you’re searching for instructions, please use Brickset, as Huw has now added links to the instructions at

Oh, and happy new year.

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