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My diplomatic life

June 22nd, 2008 by RoscoHead

Well, the one constant in life is change, and as the new cycle of ambassodors has been announced, I happily pass the baton. I chose not to re-apply this year, as

  1. I have had much less time recently, and
  2. Now that the ambassador tenure has been lengthened, I think changing personnel makes for a better program

Anyway, I hope the current group is able to further evolve this great program. I will of course not be giving up my current role in my local LEGO community, with plans already well underway for next year’s Brickvention. And it’s good to see another local AFOL, Sue Ann Barber, in the program – hopefully the big forward steps we’ve had in company / AFOL relations recently can be continued and dare I say, improved?

Fun for Kids!

June 20th, 2008 by RoscoHead

Fun for Kids!
Off down to Warnambool this weekend to set up the M>ltc train layout for their Fun 4 Kids festival, which runs from 29th June to 6th July. There’s lots of activities, you can read more on their website.

More info on new PF trains

March 27th, 2008 by RoscoHead

Train n Town have posted more info about the new PF trains from Tormod Askildsen, Head of LEGO Community Development on their website:

Dear all,

As promised in the second communication from the 6th of December last year, we will give you the latest information and decisions regarding the development of the new train system based on LEGO Power Functions.

We are still working on the final details and doing a lot of testing of the new Power Functions elements; however, we are again able to give you some more details.

First – we will not change the gauge of the rails so there is no need to be afraid that the L gauge will disappear.

On the rechargeable battery box we have been working to get the best compromise between size and power. It has been decided that we will use a powerful Lithium Polymer battery and the size of the box will be 4 studs wide, 8 studs long and 4 studs high – this should fit in most of the trains.
The already existing standard LEGO transformer will be used to recharge and as the power supply.

The existing Power Functions RC Receiver already has integrated speed control. To enable the use of this we will make a newly designed RC handset with speed control capability.

All the above new Train related Power Functions items as well as the current battery train motor (with cross axles and wheels) will be available separately through LEGO Shop@Home before the Summer of 2009.

As you know we arranged a train workshop in November 2007 where ten AFOLs from around the world: Denmark, USA, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and United Kingdom participated, built with the prototype elements and also looked into ideas and possibilities for new train designs using the Power Function elements. Based on the outcome of this workshop and all the other fantastic input we got from the AFOL community over the last 6 months, our designers worked on the first train set using the new Power Functions system. This set will be truly aimed at the AFOL community to acknowledge the importance of the adult LEGO hobbyists in the LEGO train world.

This communication will be the last one regarding the transition from the 9V train system into the new Power Functions train system. Due to all the very valuable AFOL feedback we are far down the road with the development of the new elements and also the new train set. We appreciate all your efforts through this transition which we expect to be fully executed in 2009.

Stay tuned for the new LEGO train system coming in 2009.

Brickvention 2008

February 9th, 2008 by RoscoHead

Well the weekend has gone, and it’s all a bit of a blur now. But I think it was fun at the time 😉

Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves, and got inspired, because we’ve already booked the same venue for next year’s event!

Anyway, there’s a summary here, with links to some pics.

LEGO release details of their Power Functions protocol

January 28th, 2008 by RoscoHead

“Last year we introduced a range of products using our new electric building system: LEGO Power Functions. This new electric building system will open up a lot of possibilities now and in the future. One of the new things we offer now is modular remote control. In the process of designing the Power Functions RC system we did a mapping of different RC functionalities. This mapping formed the basis of the Power Functions RC protocol and most of this is build into the Power Functions RC Receiver. The RC Handset launched now provides direct ‘bang-bang’ control, but the RC Receiver supports much more functionality like PWM speed control and single pin operation.Now that the Power Functions elements are available at the LEGO Shop online we have decided to release the Power Functions RC protocol as open source.Please feel free to use any information from the protocol document for personal, non-commercial use only, provided you keep intact copyright, trademarks and other proprietary rights of the LEGO Company – have fun.”

Gaute Munch
Technology Product Manager
LEGO Company

LEGO Power Functions protocol

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